3D LED Illuminated Signs


Why Choose Custom Illuminated Signs?

It’s no secret that choosing the right business signs can significantly impact your business; whether you’re trying to attract people off the street with pavement signs or outdoor signs, or to create a welcoming atmosphere indoors with a restaurant sign, pub sign, or cafe sign. Whatever your business, however big or small, one of our custom LED signs is perfect for you. With an illuminated sign, you can effortlessly improve your brand’s recognition with your own branding, beautifully backlit with our long-lasting, durable, and waterproof LEDs.

Custom light-up signs are becoming more and more popular for businesses around the UK, and it’s not difficult to see why. Highly impactful visuals coupled with wall-mounted or projecting illuminated signs are the recipe for a great way to promote your business – and a cost-effective one at that! Available in a range of different shapes and styles, we’re confident our range of custom illuminated signs, lightbox signs, and other light-up signs will pair perfectly with your business.

LED Signs for Better Visibility & Readability

It goes without saying that with office or illuminated shop signs at your fingertips, your business will immediately become more visible amongst the competition – “seeing your name in lights” has never been more apt! Take advantage of our light-up signs to boost your business to new heights.

Light Up Signs Provide 24-Hour Recognition

With one of our custom LED signs in its pride of place, having your business unrecognizable when it’s dark is a problem of the past; as a relatively energy-efficient form of energy, our LEDs can keep you seen all hours of the day and night.